Salisbury MD

Prepare for a close call.

snow spreadsGet ready for a close call!  Wintry precipitation is about to pound the northeast for a couple of days.  We’ll be getting rain from late tonight through Tuesday with moderating temperatures.

Precipitation should begin tonight in Salisbury, possibly as light snow or a wintry mix.  It may transition to freezing rain before changing to all rain sometime Monday morning.  The location of the 32 degree freezing line and the precise timing will dictate the type of precipitation that we will see.

Some  parts of Delmarva, particularly to the north, may receive a light dusting or more of snow.  Others may receive a light glaze of ice, and areas to the south will receive all rain.

I will monitor the projected position of the 32 degree freeze line for this evening and alert you later today if some substantial change appears likely.


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