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What would the president think of a man that cleared a wall 714 times?

babe ruthI’m not sure that any wall in baseball would have kept Babe Ruth from slugging his way into the history books.  The Maryland native was born on this date in 1895 and probably would have been on the ball field with spring fever for the past few days if he could.  He hit 714 balls over the wall in his illustrious career.  I wonder how many babes will clear a wall today?

It’s called spring fever, of course, because the temps have been well above normal.  They’ll fall a good 15 degrees or more today back towards the mid 50’s.

Even with the drop in temperatures your Wednesday will still average higher than what we have a right to expect in February.  There is the possibility of overnight showers into tomorrow as temps head right back up to the low 60’s again.

Cold weather should return for the weekend, of course!  The long range outlook gives hints that we may return to a typical winter by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.


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