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Will Super Sunday morph into Foggy Monday?

I do not know for a fact, nor do I have the capability to predict, that fog will form by Monday morning, but I do know that the conditions for its formation may very well exist as a result of today’s super weather on Delmarva.

In a week that has given us ice and snow challenges we can now ponder the possibility of fog for the next couple of mornings.  I’ll be keeping one eye on this possibility and the other on the Super Bowl.  I hope the referees keep both eyes on the action.  We don’t need them to again display foggy vision and poor judgement!

So, here is what it takes to increase the chances for fog formation.  Let’s see what happens.  We’ll certainly know by morning.

  • We need a day where sunshine warms the ground.  (We had it.)
  • We need a clear night. (That is probable, at least early on)
  • We need steadily dropping overnight temperatures that approach the dew point so that the air becomes saturated.  (That is likely.)
  • We need no wind because air movement  hinders the development of fog.  (That is probable and the most essential ingredient.)


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