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I hope the groundhog does better than me.

ground hogFor those keeping score at home please take note that yesterday’s slippery weather was not entirely seen by me.  I clearly ignored some early morning atmospheric conditions that set us up for a light to moderate afternoon snowfall on the shore.  It’s a good thing that I enjoy learning, because clearly I have more to learn.  Oh, the value of an education!  Let that be the lesson!

Educating myself about the weather on Groundhog Day is confusing me, but I’ll try!

Groundhog Day seems to be a fun holiday to celebrate every year.  It gives a small town in Pennsylvania a chance to bring some attention and tourism dollars to the area.  Good for them!  You don’t need a groundhog, however, to know that there are 6 weeks of winter remaining.  Just count the days on the calendar.  Duh….6 weeks!

Today will not be a bad February day on Delmarva with sunny skies and highs in the low 40’s.  Tomorrow, however, will be absolutely super in more ways than one.


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