Salisbury MD

We may be about to experience a “flash freeze” tonight!

unexpected alertsDon’t be fooled by the early day mild temperatures today.  They won’t last!  We could be in store for a “flash freeze” overnight as temperatures plunge into the low 20’s causing any moisture on the ground and roadways to freeze in an instant, thus making everything a thin sheet of ice!  That scenario is likely to play out even if we see no snow.  I expect that any rain that falls early in the afternoon and evening will become slushy and then turn to ice.

In all, I would expect a dusting of light snow ending around midnight.  A dusting in my mind is certainly less than an inch.

Wednesday morning’s commute could be slippery and the next few nights will see our temperatures dip into the teens or perhaps even the single digits.  Very strong winds are also in our future as the cold front fully passes the area on Wednesday.


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