Salisbury MD

Put me on ice if I’m wrong!

ice rinkI’m under the impression that the local weather forecasters are underestimating the effects of tonight’s weather.  It is still raining, but the temperature has dramatically dropped by over 9 degrees in the last few hours.

I expect the temps to continue to drop steadily and that the precipitation, currently falling at a light right, will turn to snow in the next hour or two.

I honestly have no clue how much snow we’ll receive, but I do believe that there is likely to be a quick burst of snow before midnight.; perhaps falling heavily for a very short period of time.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether we get any snow, a dusting, or an inch or more, the fact that nightly lows will plunge towards the lower 20’s tells me that we’ll be heading out to work tomorrow on an ice rink.  How can anyone ignore that possibility?  The forecast shouldn’t be about how “white’ the ground is, but how slippery the conditions might be.

The really bad weather arrives tomorrow with northerly wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph or more, the possibility of snow squalls, and nightly low temperatures plunging towards 10 degrees or even lower.

If I’m wrong, you can put me on ice!  I’ll be right there with you!


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