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This is a repost from yesterday that, for some reason, some of my subscribers did not receive. I wanted to be sure that they were aware of how thankful I am for their dedication. At the very bottom of this post I have information on tomorrow night’s icy forecast?

thanks for the memoriesHappy Anniversary to me and my weather blog.  I made my first weather post on January 27 of last year just for kicks and I must admit the kicks have been fun.  Thanks for the memories!

For the first couple of weeks I had 3 loyal followers:  my wife, my son, and my mother!  I can always count on them.  What I couldn’t count on was that some Wicomico County teachers would get wind (get the weather reference?) of my blog around the time of 2018’s first snowfall.  They started checking in and they, in turn, passed the link along to others.  Oh, the power of the internet!  I don’t know if it’s good or bad.  And what is this fascination that teachers have with snow?snow day

As time passed into March of last year this blog was being followed by dozens of people, most of whom I did not know.  At the end of 2018. to make a long story short, this blog had been visited by 4811 unique individuals.  I’ve since added 774 thus far in 2019. Now, I know that is not setting the world on fire.  That’s the job of climate change!

stats for 201899% of all weather blog visitors are from the United States and Canada, but you can see from my 2018 blog stat map above that for one reason or another, visitors have come from most corners of the world.

Outside of North America, most of my visitors are coming from Austria, Germany, England, Ireland, and China.  In all honesty, the Austrian and German hits are probably coming from my sister and her family who have lived there for many years.

I’ve had no visitors from Mexico.  I consider that a coincidence and do not attribute that to having built an effective internet fire “wall”.  That is a really bad joke, I know!

side mirrorI must admit that one of those visitors in 2018 was from Russia.  Was that you, Vlad?  Did you steal any weather secrets?  Now I have to worry about being indicted for colluding with the Russians on climate change.  I never thought about that a year ago.

nigerian scamMy biggest disappointment is that I have yet to have a visitor from Nigeria.  I could sure use that billion dollar inheritance that I think some rich dude keeps offering to folks online!  Maybe my day will come.  I can’t believe I was stupid enough to reject his first few hundred offers!

NOTE:  You’ll never believe this, but I just got an email from Nigeria in my inbox as I was writing this post.  I’ll share the wealth tomorrow!

In the meantime, I can’t argue with spending about $3 a day to keep this blog up and running.  For less than the cost of an overpriced cup of coffee I can have some fun, keep busy with one of my hobbies, and stay out of trouble.  Thank you to those who read it.  I even want to thank the 76 people who have posted Facebook links to this blog.  I’ve not been on Facebook a day in my life!

  • I do appreciate  the comments and conversations that I’ve had with loyal followers over the past year.  I’ve not missed a day and have made 423 posts;  mostly from home, but also from doctor’s offices, hospitals, surgery centers, restaurants, ballparks, the beach, and cruise ships….and, I might add, not one from the potty!  I feel like I’ll be letting people down if I stop.  I guess that means if you check in some day and this blog is not here, then neither am I.  So, let me pass out a dozen or so thanks to folks.  And, yes, I’m naming names!thank you
  • Thanks to Laura, who was the first to spill the beans about me being a weather geek to her coworkers.  I blame her for everything
  • There is Sheila, my first non relative to follow my blog.
  • There is Ron, who takes the time to remind me every single day that he has read my blog.  He can even quote passages.  What a guy!
  • There is Lisa, who is always asking me when she can expect her next snow day.  She’s a great mom that enjoys  spending time with her kid.
  • There is Ethel, who is always asking for a day off.  How about Wednesday?
  • There is Bobby, who still works on his day off.  He doesn’t have time for bad weather.
  • There is Holly who reminds me from time to time that she reads my blog because it makes her laugh and motivates her to “get a life”.  Thanks, but Holly, you really do have a life.
  • There is Barbara, who reads my blog everyday and then, when she sees me in person, asks me what I really think.  I don’t think Barbara can read!
  • There is CR, who reminds me that I called for a 4 inch snowfall one time last winter and he only got 3 and a half.  He should be happy that I rounded up!
  • There is Erin, who I believe is the one responsible for all of the Facebook links.
  • There is Riley, who says she reads my blog everyday and took the time to tell me that it made her happy that I hadn’t missed one day in posting.  She said that she appreciates persistence and perseverance.
  • There is Jenn, who calls me “Jack Frost” during the winter.  She likes snow, too, and claims that I have a 97.9% success rate!  Sorry, Jenn, I think it tops out in the 80’s.  I keep stats, you know.  I’ll try to do better this year.
  • There is my wife’s good friend, Maureen, who says she wishes she had discovered this blog long ago.
  • There is Ashley, who likes my “snowflake” references.  She, by the way, is not a snowflake!
  • There is Ryan, who reads my blog in order to determine a good time to walk his dog.  Apparently, he needs to read more carefully!  He knows what I’m talking about.
  • My friend Jay stays loyal to my blog just as he has to the Cleveland Browns all these years.  It looks like his day may be coming soon.  I hope not!

thrashersNow on to the forecast!  Today should be mild with mostly cloudy skies and highs topping out in the low to mid 50’s.  I can imagine that Thrasher’s will be selling some french fries on the boards in Ocean City today.

Temperatures will cool off into the mid 40’s on Monday with a few clouds around before warmer air returns on Tuesday.

nuisance snowSpeaking of Tuesday, it still looks like we will see a mild day with showers developing late, however, temperatures will begin to plunge by nightfall and we may well see a light nuisance snowfall as the system winds down.  Even a little bit of snow overnight Tuesday can set the Wednesday morning commute up to be like you’re riding on an ice rink.  We’ll know more about that possibility over the next day or so.  Most weather models call for light amounts but AccuWeather is holding out on the possibility that it could strengthen. Take a look.

dodge the storm

A few days ago it looked like that there might be multiple opportunities for wintry precipitation this week.  I now think that this is less likely, particularly towards Sunday, as the cold air that we will see midweek is showing signs of an early retreat.  We’ll see.

Again, thanks for reading and enjoy your day!  As for me…wouldn’t you know it?  I’m under the weather!

under the weather


Here is the new information regarding the expected changeover from rain to snow tomorrow evening on the Eastern Shore.

rain to snowI still expect a dusting of snow, perhaps to a half inch or more, coupled with plunging tempertures tomorrow night.  The system should be out of here by midnight.  Temperatures are expected to be brutally cold on Wednesday and Thursday night with some of us seeing lows in the single digits.


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