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The spotlight was on Delmarva 40 years ago today.

michener“Conservation is not an Eastern Shore practice, whether it concerns birds or crabs.”  That is one of the quotes I obtained from a review of James Michener’s historical fiction novel, “Chesapeake” , which brought much attention to our little piece of heaven.

The novel held the number one spot for the first 6 weeks of 1979, 40 years ago, on the “New York Times” Bestseller List.  At 850 pages, Michener’s novel covered the 400 year history of Maryland’s Eastern Shore from the 16th century through the Watergate scandal of the 1970’s.  Much of it revolved around the lives of fictional families.  It included references to Native Americans, Catholics, Protestants, the Underground Railroad, politics (President Carter received the first autographed copy of the book), and the weather.

A few of Michener’s references to the weather in his novel show that the conditions were apparently much like they are today; cold winters, mosquitoes and hot and humid summers.  Life on the bay was never easy although certainly pleasant.

The “Land of Pleasant Living” will certainly start with a beautiful day on Tuesday, before we get a quick reminder of how things can quickly change on Delmarva.  Take a look at this projection and read what follows.  Be thankful that we will escape the blizzard that is likely coming to the northeast.

tuesday night storm

Today should be partly cloudy and colder than yesterday’s balmy 54 degrees with highs near 40.  Warmer air will return on Tuesday with a good chance of late day rain.  The rain will likely turn to snow overnight into Wednesday morning for a brief time as temperatures take a plunge from around 50 degrees early in the day to near 20 degrees by morning.

We’ll need to be on the lookout for slippery roads during Wednesday’s morning commute.  With the rapid temperature drop tomorrow evening it would only take a dusting of snow to turn roads into a skating rink.  Most of the weather models agree that we should receive a dusting to less than an inch of snowfall.  I agree at this time.

4x6_cardinal in snowWhat is even worse than a nuisance snowfall will be the bitterly cold nightly low temperatures that will certainly drop into the teens, if not the single digits, for a few nights.  Feed the birds!


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