Salisbury MD

Today will be a little warmer.

january beachToday’s high temperature should reach the low 40’s under mostly sunny skies.  Most of the week will be rather nondescript with near normal conditions on Delmarva.  Clouds may roll in Thursday with the chance for some overnight rain.

There is a pretty big storm system that is likely to form by the weekend.  Two air masses, one wet and the other extremely cold, are racing towards the mid-Atlantic.  The one that gets here first will dictate our weather.  If the cold air wins the race, then look out for a big snow storm.  If the moisture arrives prior to the cold blast, as I currently think it will, then we are likely to see a good bit of rain followed by a bit of snow on the back side of the storm.  We’ll  know more in a couple of days.  I do think, for what it is worth, that the northeast portion of the United States is liable to see a doozy (Did I spell that right?) of a snow storm.


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