Salisbury MD

I’m waking up to 30 degrees and 3 inches of snow.

30 and 3This radar image at 5:30 this morning shows that moderate to heavy precipitation is still falling across Delmarva.  I have measured exactly 3 inches of snowfall at my weather station and woke up to a temperature of 30 degrees.

Those of you who frequent this blog know that the “little blue widget” that follows below always shows the current temperature at my weather station, 3.62 miles NNW of Salisbury.  If you make a return visit to this blog at any point during the day you merely need to refresh your page in order to get the current conditions.

I always make sure that my “little blue widget” is included in every post that I make.  I mention this today because it has a profound impact on our regional forecast.  In other words, I don’t know where you live, so the forecast projections that I make, while appropriate for my neighborhood, may not be so for you and  your neighborhood,

The radar image at the top of this post illustrates the wide range of possibilities that exist for those of us on the shore today.  The location of the rain/snow line is the key to determining what to expect in your back yard.

I think most of us will see moderate snowfall this morning, then at some point during the day we’ll be experiencing periods of sleet, freezing rain, rain, and then finally more snow.  By the end of the day I would expect that snowfall totals on the lower shore could range from an inch in the east to as much as 6 to 8 inches from western Wicomico County to Cambridge.

The fact that we may end up with a coating of ice on top of snow, followed by more snow, can be a deadly recipe for travel on the roadways.  As temperatures dip into the upper 20’s tonight roads should be quite slippery.  Again, I will not be surprised if we get a late burst of heavy snow before the system is out of here early tomorrow morning.  I would expect that tomorrow morning’s commute will be stressful.


I will make an update later today when I have a feel for when any transition in precipitation type will take place.  Stay dry!  Stay safe!

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