Salisbury MD

We have some “sleeze” in our future.

sleezeThe biggest change in the weather models throughout the course of today is that they are now projecting the rain/snow line to move a bit farther north.  That means that we are more likely to see a period of sleet, light rain, and freezing rain falling on top of a heavy wet snow.  Meteorologists call that “sleeze”.

The Salisbury area is still expected to pick up a few inches of snow, especially overnight into Sunday morning.  While the early snowfall will be rather light it is expected that we will experience a period of rather heavy snow before daybreak tomorrow.

Two grave dangers exist with this expected scenario. One is that trees and power lines could succumb to the weight of the snow and ice. The other is that roads will become downright dangerous if a coating of ice adheres to a few inches of snow.  In addition to that I believe the dangerous road conditions will be exacerbated by more light snow that will probably fall on top of the ice before the precipitation finally comes to an end.

Snow accumulations will be greater to the west and northwest of Salisbury.  Cambridge, for example, may very well see all snow.  Pick your poison.  Would you rather have 6 inches of snow or 2 to 4 inches of snow and ice?  In either case we’ll be dealing with temperatures below freezing overnight Sunday into Monday.  That’s what happens when you’re dealing with sleeze!.

To summarize:  Expect snow, then sleet, then rain, then freezing rain, then sleet, then snow!  I still will not be surprised if the snow lingers late into Sunday night or even Monday morning.


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