Salisbury MD

The storm is likely to be significant.

steady snowNotice in this forecast projection that the Salisbury area lies within the region that is expected to receive the steadiest snowfall.  Having said that, here is the latest information that is available on our approaching winter storm.

  • Clouds thicken during the day with possible flurries or light snow in isolated  areas.
  • Accumulating snow should arrive this evening, perhaps as late as 10 PM.
  • Snowfall will be steady overnight into Sunday.
  • Most of us should wake up to close to 2 inches of snow on the ground Sunday morning.
  • Snow is expected to fall throughout the day on Sunday, with total accumulations as much as 5 or more inches in certain areas, like the west side of Wicomico County and Dorchester County in Maryland, as well as Sussex County in Delaware.
  • While any of us could experience periods of mixed precipitation, most of the freezing rain, sleet, and ice should be south of us.  Areas well south of Salisbury and the coastal areas of Worcester County should see rain.
  • It is possible that light snow could linger into the early hours of Monday.
  • Winds will increase in intensity as the storm progresses making visibility an issue.
  • Roads should present hazardous driving conditions.  In fact, a Winter Storm Warning implies that driving conditions could possibly be near impossible, and certainly inadvisable.
  • Motorists can dial 511 from any location to get the latest road conditions.

Here is the official forecast from the National Weather Service as of 6 AM this morning.  Their next significant update should be available around 4 PM.

snowfall thru monday

*NOTE:  There is something unusual about this storm compared to the ones we historically get from the south.  This storm is setting up in such a way that the precipitation is moving from west to east rather than directly up the Atlantic coast from the south.  I compare this to the “training” of thunderstorms that sometimes occur in the summer where one band repeatedly follows another.

If this trend continues throughout the duration of the storm then I can perceive of a worst case scenario that involves 8 to 10 inches of snow.  Bear in mind that this is just a personal observation based on some knowledge of our history with snow storms on Delmarva and is NOT the official forecast.  I just don’t want you to be surprised if parts of Delmarva receive considerably more snow than is currently expected.

Thank you to loyal readers of this blog who are sharing this information with others.  You are encouraged to do so in order that everyone is prepared.  Remember, though, that as nice as this event may become for snow lovers it will not be the “big” one.

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