Salisbury MD

Cold weather lingers through the wintry weekend and ends with snow.

winter storm watchThe National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for our area beginning Saturday afternoon.  That now gives me more confidence in the prediction I offered to you yesterday that we are likely to see a moderate snowfall over the weekend.

Today will be sunny and cold.  Tomorrow will be cold as well, but the sunshine will not be around.

The clouds roll in tomorrow with continued cold temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s as the wind dies down.  Snowfall will appear late on Saturday and continue into Sunday.

snowfall sat sunHere is what has changed since yesterday as weather models get a better handle on the situation.

  • The snow is likely to begin by evening on Saturday.
  • The heaviest bands of snow are now expected to occur overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.
  • The heaviest snow will likely be west of Salisbury in Dorchester County.
  • Areas south of Salisbury may see more ice and rain.
  • It is now likely that it will not snow all day on Sunday.
  • It appears as though the snow may now be heavier for a shorter period of time, whereas yesterday I thought the snow would be lighter for a longer period of time.
  • I still expect most of us to average 3 to 4 inches of snow.
  • Of course, some of us will receive less than that while others will perhaps see more.
  • The low pressure system will move off of the southeast coast.  If it goes directly out to sea then this forecast will not change.  If it makes a slight turn towards the northeast then I expect that we will have greater accumulations.


I will provide another update this afternoon by 5 o’clock.  At that time the storm will be just 24 hours or so away and we’ll have a much more precise take on things.

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