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one snowflakeI just noted that this is my 400th post on this blog since it began nearly a year ago.  There are those who have apparently read every single one of them.  You know who you are.  Thank you!  I’m not the only weather geek.  You are, too!  I just prove it everyday by writing down my thoughts and sharing them with people who care.  You are smarter than me and keep your thoughts to yourselves.

It seems like an appropriate time to begin to go out on a limb a little bit and share with you my thoughts on the upcoming weekend’s weather.  This post is a bit lengthy compared to most, but I want to make sure that I tell you everything I currently know

Here’s what I think is likely to happen.

  • Clouds will thicken during the day on Saturday.
  • Some of us could see some snowflakes during the day.  Most of us won’t.  It depends on whether you choose to hang out with some.  (That’s a joke!)
  • The sky will have that “look” about it all day on Saturday; the one that looks like it could snow at anytime. (That’s not a joke!)
  • The winds should be calm during the day on Saturday giving things that “feel”.  (This is not a joke either!)
  • Even with the “look”and “feel” of snow there is a chance that some of us go to bed disappointed on Saturday night without having seen any snow.
  • Snow will likely become steady by sunrise or a bit after on Sunday morning.
  • Snow will continue all day, perhaps becoming mixed with or even changing to sleet, freezing rain, or rain for periods of time during the day on Sunday.
  • As nightfall sets in we can expect precipitation to again become all snow.
  • The snow may very well linger into the early part of Monday.
  • At this point we still do not know where the rain/snow line will be, but if we happen to see all snow then I would expect an average of about 3 to 4 inches of snow for many of us.
  • Perhaps folks to the south and east of Salisbury will see a greater chance of rain.
  • While I do not expect this storm to be the “big one”, if it continues to slow down, as it has over the last few days, perhaps we’ll see more than that.
  • The only way to stop the snow is to build a wall. (That’s my last joke even if some of you are not laughing!)

I will continue to monitor the available weather models and provide you with the latest information tomorrow morning.  Until then, here is the most recent ECMWF model forecast for snowfall through 6 AM Monday morning.

euro 6am mon

Feel free to share this post with friends who you feel may be interested.  Please remind them that I am not a professional meteorologist, but just some hobbyist who gets a kick out of studying the weather.  The pros are not always right and neither am I, but I always make an effort to provide folks with honest and accurate information.

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