Salisbury MD

A chill is on the way.

thermometerChilly temperatures and windy conditions are on the way.  Winter is finally arriving.  The big question on our minds now is whether a snowstorm follows this weekend.

Currently, weather models are in agreement on a winter scenario Saturday night into Sunday.  Timing, of course, together with temperatures will be the key.

If the bulk of the precipitation occurs Saturday night then accumulating snowfall is likely.  If the heavier precipitation holds off until Sunday then rain is likely to mix in.  Either way expect to see snow on the ground at some point this weekend.  The following graphic displays the current thinking of most meteorologists.

sat night

My favorite model, the ECMWF, is still indicating that Salisbury is slightly north of the rain/snow line.  If that remains the same for the next 24 hours then snow lovers should be happy.  I’ll take a chance and go out on a limb…perhaps as early as this afternoon with what I think is likely to happen.

In the meantime, today will feel really cold with gusty winds and temperatures near 40 degrees.  Friday will be a sunny and cold day.  Clouds will thicken on Saturday with snow developing late at night into Sunday morning.  We’ll see what happens after that.


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