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We weathered 2018. Where do we go from here?

trump storm pointOh, apparently we should go over there!

Is he pointing with his left hand or his he pointing with his right?  Maybe he’s pointing to the stormy conditions on the horizon.  Maybe he’s trying to make a point.  Maybe all he does is pointless.  I’m just pointing out that I don’t know.  Get the point?  Perhaps the skies will clear in 2019.

We pretty much saw everything in 2018.  From a low temperature of minus one on January 7 to a high of 100 on July 2 the weather gave us a smorgasbord of experiences; some good, some bad,  and lots of in between.

Here are the highlights for Salisbury weather in 2018.

  • The year was 2.4 degrees warmer than normal.
  • February was the warmest month, compared to its average, registering 7.7 degrees above normal.
  • March averaged 4.1 degrees below average.
  • The high temperature hit 90 degrees or more 42 times, the latest occurring on October 4.
  • There were only 7 days where the mercury failed to reach 32 degrees, all of them in January.
  • There were 83 nights last year where the temperature dipped below freezing.
  • While many cities in the east set all time records for precipitation in a year we did not.  We did, however, record nearly 54 inches of rain; more than 8 inches above normal.
  • May was our rainiest month with 10.25 inches of rain.
  • There were 18 days where we recorded over an inch of rain.
  • Our rainiest day was May 18 when we received 3.32 inches.
  • The only other time we received 3 inches of rain on one day was September 11 when we recorded exactly that amount.
  • Salisbury officially recorded 12.5 inches of snow from a January 4 to 5 storm.

So, where do we go from here?  I don’t know!  I have a weather vane that helps me with the weather.  I wish I had one that would help us point in the direction we’re likely to take as a nation in 2019.

I would like to point out (pun intended) that today is liable to be a warm New Year’s Day in Salisbury under partly cloudy skies before temperatures take a dive late in the day.  It may be a bit breezy, so use hairspray if you decide to stand outside and point.


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