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Here’s wishing good fortune together with good weather in 2019!

texas caviarAs is tradition, black eyed peas are eaten on New Year’s Day in order to bring peace and prosperity to all.  In keeping with that tradition I whipped up a batch of Texas Caviar that I can munch on with chips while I’m watching college football bowl games today.

The Texas Caviar, first made in the south around 1940,  is in the fridge right now marinating in Italian dressing and lime juice.  When I remove it from the fridge I will add some diced avocado, stir, dip, and enjoy.

I don’t have enough to go around for all of you so I’ll just show you this picture instead.  Take a deep adoring look at it and wish for good weather in 2019.  Oh, heck…just go ahead and wish for good fortune as well.

Unfortunately, all the black eyed peas in the world can’t keep us from cooler temperatures tomorrow.


I intend to make one additional post later today that will tell you what the professional meteorologists believe we have in store for us for January and February of 2019.  Then I’ll leave you alone!

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