Salisbury MD

Can we please have a little peace on earth?

most wonderful timeMy goodness!

  • The Secretary of Defense, a patriot with 40 years of honorable military service, resigns because he cannot reason with a president who would rather trust his gut regarding national security.
  • The US has no Attorney General.
  • The president has no Chief of Staff.
  • The stock market has entered “bear” territory for the first time since 2008.
  • One fourth of the US government has been shut down forcing 400,000 people to be either furloughed or work without pay while our elected officials go home for Christmas.
  • And……are you ready for this?  We are not going to have a White Christmas!

Otherwise, everything is sunny and bright with temperatures near 50 degrees through Christmas Eve.  Most of us are likely to see showers overnight.


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