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“Toxic” is the Word of the Year for 2018.

toxic weather

Recently it seems as though everyone is disgruntled about something; politics, relationships, civility, sports, entertainment, texting and driving, sexual orientation, the environment….you name it.

Oxford Dictionaries, the legendary British authority on language for more than 150 years has named “toxic” its word of the year for 2018 because so many people, without hesitation, are using it to describe their feelings regarding controversial topics that affect their lives.

Climate change and weather reporting always seem to provoke people as well.  We all have our opinions.  I do too.  Please let me know if/when this blog becomes toxic.  I sometimes inadvertently share my opinions here regarding topics other than weather.  Just remember that it doesn’t make me right.  It just makes me opinionated, probably just like you are as well.

Here are my thoughts on the weather for the coming week.  I hope you don’t find them toxic!

Showers should end by Sunday evening with temperatures topping out near 50 degrees.  I expect lots of sunshine for Monday and Tuesday with a gradual cool down into the low to mid 40’s by Tuesday.  It looks like the next chance of precipitation will occur late in the work week.  It will not be snow.


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