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Here is a look at Friday’s Flake News!

snowflakeLet’s face it.  It is that time of year where snow lovers on Delmarva begin to anticipate snowfall.  It gives us something to look forward  to,  to get excited about, and a reason to stock up on toilet paper, bread, and milk.  With that in mind I present to  you, for your weekend enjoyment, my first edition of “Flake News!”

I’m not talking about Senator Jeff Flake, corn flakes, or even a head full of dandruff.  I’m talking about the possibility of snowflakes on Delmarva.  Yes, there are those from the right side of the political spectrum that would say that we have more than our fair share of snowflakes on Delmarva.  I’m predictably talking about the weather.

Here’s the deal!  You’ll have to go west and/or south to see snowflakes this weekend!

The cold high pressure system that has dominated our weather this week appears to be bullying the storm system that wants to enter our area from the south.

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