Salisbury MD

The cool air hangs around as moisture creeps eastward.

close callThings remain cool on Delmarva as a coast-to-coast storm trudges along toward the east.  The cold air that has been in place even to places south of us seems certain to offer up frozen precipitation along the Interstate 95 corridor.  Interior portions of Virginia and North Carolina will be experiencing a late autumn snowfall.

Salisbury’s proximity to the warm air that will be ushered in from the ocean means that we are likely to get a cold rain, if we get anything at all!  Of course, a trajectory change of just 50 miles or so can change everything.

So, let me summarize as clearly as I can what the major weather models are reflecting this morning.

  • The storm will be big.
  • The storm will tease us from the south.
  • We might get precipitation.
  • We are likely to see nothing at all but cloudy skies and continued cool temperatures.

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