Salisbury MD

Today’s National Day of Mourning will be partly cloudy and cold.

bush service dogThe funeral service for President George Herbert Walker Bush takes place in Washington, DC today at the National Cathedral.  Federal offices and courts are closed today in honor of the former president.

The weather will cooperate for those in attendance at the funeral service with temperatures in the low 40’s under partly cloudy skies.

The rest of the week will see similar conditions.  It is not until the weekend when some possibly dramatic changes could take place.

There is a storm system brewing in the southwestern portions of the United States which will track across the country towards the east coast.  Weather models indicate that if the storm moves quickly it will go out to sea rather close to us to the south.  The models also indicate that if the storm moves slowly that it has a better chance of interacting with the cold air that is in place in the mid-Atlantic region.  If that is the case then the storm is likely to make a more northerly turn which could provide us with wintry weather.

We need to be patient and wait for one of the two scenarios to play out.  It is still too early, in my mind, to choose one as being more likely than the other.

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