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The sun, among other things, lights up our lives!

light up my lifeThere are, of course, other things that light up our lives.  Umpteen years ago on this date in 19_ _ entertainer Pat Boone’s daughter, Debby, had the number one hit song in the USA….“You Light Up My Life”.  That, as far as I know, was her only hit.  She somehow won both a Grammy and an Oscar for her song later on.

The only reason I mention that is because, coincidentally, I met my wife at a wedding on this very date in that aforementioned year.  Then, even more coincidentally, the first movie we ever saw together was an awful love story called “You Light Up My Life”.  The theater was packed, however, because the theme song was so popular.

The third coincidence was that seated directly behind us at the movie theater was the couple who were married on the night we met.  Wow!  Is three the charm?

I suppose I must admit that the cliche about love lighting up someone’s life must be true.  To this day, I smile for no apparent reason whenever I think about my wife and the light she casts upon me.  I hope you are, or will be, as fortunate as me.

So much for my soft side!  On to the hard stuff…like predicting the weather!

I am predicting light for all today with temperatures in the upper 50’s. If a few clouds roll in this afternoon make sure you seek out your other source of light.  It’ll make you smile. The next few days will be fairly nice as well.  Enjoy a well lit life for the rest of the week!

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