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Let’s take a sneak peek at this winter’s weather.

winter precipThe official projection for this winter’s weather from NOAA calls for normal temperatures and above average precipitation in our area.  The two minute video below gives the outlook for the entire USA.

Does this mean that we will see more rain than snow? 

It does not!  When temperatures are expected to average near normal that takes into account the warm spells as well as the cool ones.  The fact that our area is expected to be wetter than normal simply means that Delmarva is likely to see above average levels of both rain and snow for the winter.  No one can predict the amount of snowfall that we are likely to see this far in advance.

We are waking up to the coldest morning of the season, but we can expect lots of sunshine and close to normal daytime temperatures for most of the week.  The only exception will be tomorrow, when we will experience a beautiful and warm fall day.

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