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Each new day is a sunny day for a cancer survivor.

cancerNine years ago this morning my wife woke up in a hospital bed as a cancer survivor, hooked up to every imaginable device in every imaginable way.  I remember it as a beautiful October day outside.  Inside it was 72 degrees with persistent pain and mostly sleepy conditions with an attentive medical staff nearby.  I wondered what we were in for.

Looking back I can recall how each day in her recovery had its particular challenges.  Each day got a little bit better as I could see my wife epitomize what it meant to “fight like a girl'”.

I realized that when one conquers the seemingly unconquerable that life’s purpose comes more into focus.  Enjoy each day with the people you love, admire their strength and character, and march on together to live out your life’s dreams.  When you are a cancer survivor every day is sunny!  Today is our 3287th sunny day in a row!

Today will be sunny and quite windy as Delmarva residents endure their challenges.  Let’s focus on the sunny part!

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