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From Michael to Mike

UPDATED!  Somerset County Schools have decided to close for the day due to flooding.  You can ignore reports of a 2 hour delay.
Delmarva, as expected, received heavy rainfall overnight, with high winds, and flooding.  Reports indicate that Western Wicomico County will be under a flood warning until 11 AM.   Rain totals ranged, for the most part, from 4 to 6 inches.  My station was lucky.  I received 3.64 inches of rain from Michael while the official reading at KSBY (the airport) was 7.05 inches of rain.  That means nearly all of us received as much rain in one night as we normally receive in the entire month of October.

The fact that personnel from the The Weather Channel are not here is good news for us. The effects of Michael on Delmarva are minimal when compared to the Florida devastation.  So, let’s go from Michael to Mike!

Salisbury native MIke Seidel was criticized on social media for his reporting of Hurricane Florence  last month…so much so that his employer came to his defense.  You can be the judge in the following video.

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