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Sep 10/Florence Edges Closer With Winds Reaching 105 MPH

flo 2Hurricane Florence, with sustained winds of 105 mph, edges closer to the eastern seaboard of the United States.  Weather models predict that the storm will continue heading west before making a slight turn to the northwest later in the week.  As it enters warmer waters Hurricane Florence will increase in intensity as it makes its tract towards the east coast

The Category 2 storm is expected to intensify before making an almost certain landfall later in the week.  While current models suggest a landfall south of Delmarva please be advised that, even in that case, we could experience tropical storm force winds overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

If the hurricane stalls after making landfall, interacting with the already moist and humid air that is already in place here, then we could be in store for copious amounts of rain.

Today’s weather will not cooperate with Florence’s impending arrival as the entire east coast warms up considerably again.




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