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Sep 1/Beginning Of Meteorological Autumn

autumnAs the sun begins to move towards the winter solstice meteorologists find it convenient and sensible to break down the season into 4 groups of 3 months each.  Hence, September 1 through November 30 is the time period in which we receive the majority of our fall  like weather.  Technically, we still have about 3 weeks of summer remaining, however, we will all soon begin to witness cooler nighttime temperatures and falling leaves.

August ended 5.1 degrees above normal in Salisbury, marking the forth consecutive month of above average temperatures.  Remarkably, August of 2018 averaged 2 full degrees warmer than July of 2018.  That is not supposed to happen.  August also surprisingly recorded rainfall amounts of over an inch below normal.

Our September kicks off the Labor Day weekend with muggy conditions and a chance of scattered thunderstorms…as if I needed to tell you.  In fact, a loyal reader of my blog (I’ll call him Ron) asked me if I felt challenged to use new words to describe the same forecast each day.  You got me, Ron!  So with that, here is today’s forecast…dedicated to know it all Ron!



Remember, Ron already knows it will be like this!


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