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Aug 31/Out With A Bang!

bangLightning and a booming clap of thunder had me jump right out of bed at 2:26 this morning. It was obviously a nearby strike. My internet service just came back online to give me the opportunity to make this weather post. As soon as the sun rises I want to get outside and see if there is any significant damage either here or in my neighborhood.

We can expect cooler temperatures and scattered thunderstorms today and tomorrow.  Here is the forecast followed by some end of August trivia.





forgive your foeThe month of July was named for Julius Caesar.  When Augustus Caesar came into power in 8 BC he wanted the month after July to be named for him and he demanded that it have the same number of days as did July.  So, according to legend, two days were removed from February, leaving it with just 28, and added to give August its 31 days.  I am curious as to why August originally had 29 days.

Now, the last Friday in August is celebrated as “Forgive Your Foe Friday”.  I wonder if the Trumps, Cohens, Manaforts, Mueller, and Gates families will do so.  I’m gonna go with “No!”

Princess Diana died on this date in 1997 and today marks the 68th birthday of actor Richard Gere.

Today is also “Eat Outside Day”.  That may not be advisable unless you have a plan to dodge the scattered showers in the area.

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