Salisbury MD

Aug 28/Hot Times

democratic convenstionFifty years ago today 10,000 Vietnam war protesters battled 26,000 police and National Guardsmen outside the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.  The nation was torn apart by the Vietnam war.  In just five months preceding the convention President Lyndon Johnson declined to seek the Democrat nomination and the country witnessed the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Senator Robert F. Kennedy.  What a time to be alive!

Three months later Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey to become President of the United States.  We know where that lead.

There’s nothng democratic about our weather, in that we don’t have a voice in determining what Mother Nature will throw at us.  Today should be hazy, hot, and humid on Delmarva.  What’s worse is that the really hot conditions will persist through Thursday before we can hope for some relief.




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