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Jul 7/Heat Waves Are Not Unusual

tom jonesHeat waves are not unusual.  Still listening to Tom Jones might be!  This summer’s heat wave lasted 8 days, but as recently as 2012 Salisbury experienced an 11 day heat wave that commenced with the last 3 days of June and continued through the 8th of July.  In fact, the thermometer registered a high of 101 degrees on July 8, 2012  A cold front passed through that evening, temperatures dropped dramatically, and we received some much needed rain.  That was followed by xix days of pretty nice weather.  So, it’s not unusual, but let me remind you that still listening to Tom Jones might be!

The passing of yesterday’s cold front produced some strong storms particularly to the east and south of Salisbury.  Sussex County received their fair share as well.  As for poor old me….I only received .02 inch of rain.

Today should be quite refreshing as easterly winds will treat us to a cooler day with much less humidity.  Sunday looks to be perhaps the most beautiful day of the summer!  Now that will feel unusual!




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