Salisbury MD

Jul 4/Relish Your Independence

relish Tell the truth.  You were expecting a picture of fireworks with today’s weather forecast, weren’t you?  Independence Day is about celebrating your freedom to do exactly what you want to do today….as long as it is legal, of course!  So, go ahead and relish your independence!  You can put some on a hot dog if you like, too.

It is estimated that Americans will consume more than 150 million hot dogs today!  Two of them are mine!  Joey Chestnut will eat about 72 on Coney Island, so that leaves 149,999,926 hot dogs for the rest of you!  Tums, anyone?

The last six days of Delmarva’s heat wave have seen high temperatures of 90, 93, 95. 98, 99, and 98.  I have noted that the last 5 days have recorded highs that were warmer than the official forecast, so do not be surprised if we reach 90 degrees again today.





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