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Jun 12/Did “Rocket Man” and “The Dotard” Share Singapore Slings?

trump kimWe now find ourselves in a situation that is truly unpredictable.  The quotes in this blog post headline are not mine.  They are the words specifically used by the leaders of the United States and North Korea in addressing each other.

People all over the world are hoping for the best possible outcome from the historic summit in Singapore between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Early indications this morning are positive with regard to the negotiations!  Perhaps they didn’t sling anything but compliments!

The weather in Singapore, however, is much easier to predict.  It is expected to be mostly cloudy with a high of 90 degrees.  I wonder what the temperature in the room will be if these two leaders resort to the name calling that they have historically uttered..

If the summit happens to continue for a second day the weather is expected to be a few degrees cooler with a slight chance of thunderstorms.

Speaking of thunderstorms, we may be getting a break from them soon.  There are indications that Delmarva is about to enter a more typical weather pattern for June during the next week to 10 days.  Today will be partly cloudy and warmer.




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