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Jun 10/Three Is Not Always The Charm

triple crownJustify became just the 13th horse to win racing ‘s Triple Crown with a thrilling victory in yesterday’s Belmont Stakes.

The Belmont race was run in perfect conditions.  If you recall, the Kentucky Derby was raced on a very sloppy track.  Baltimore’s Preakness Stakes was run on an even sloppier track with fog so thick it was difficult to keep track of the horses on the backstretch.

As to the weather….June has seen only 3 dry days thus far.  While my home weather station was drenched by thunderstorms at a bit past 4 PM yesterday, with 1.15 inches of rain, many areas on Delmarva were not as lucky.  Parts of Sussex County in Delaware were receiving 3 or more inches of rain and, of course, Ocean City’s Coastal Highway was flooded with 4 to 6 inches of rain in the area.

Showers are possible again today.  The greater risk for thunderstorms occurs again late in the day and tonight.  Rain chances stick around for Monday with cooler conditions.



I would love to hear from you if your location on Delmarva stayed totally dry yesterday.


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