Salisbury MD

Jun 1/A Good Day to Dunk Your Torus

doughnut dayMany places will give you a free doughnut today.  I will not!  I will, however, give  you a math lesson on doughnuts!  The shape is called a torus and the formula for its volume was first determined by Archimedes in the mid 200’s BC.  That’s BC, as in “before calculators.”  Think about that when you dunk your torus!

With the month of May behind us it is a good time to reflect upon the 10.25 inches of rain recorded in Salisbury.  That is 7.37 inches above normal for the month.  Ellicott City received that same amount in a little over 3 hours last week.  We’re very lucky.

Today will be warm and humid.  The weekend promises rain and thunderstorms…some heavy.




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