Salisbury MD

May 16/Wednesday Weather? Not So Bella!

ayers diner

Today I honor my wife’s late grandmother, Mary, on this, what would have been her 108th birthday.

The daughter of Italian immigrants who settled in Wilmington, Delaware she and her husband, Charles, drove south one day down Route 13 and concluded that the Salisbury area was in need of a restaurant to cater to travelers.  They bought a home in Salisbury and opened Ayers Diner at a time when fast food was a figment of someone’s imagination.

Located across the highway from what now is Ponzetti’s they served great food at a reasonable price for many years.  They also opened a diner in Easton.

The greatest lesson learned from my wife’s grandmother, who passed away at age 97, is that love is unconditional, but that success in life comes  from hard work and sacrifice.  She weathered many storms in her lifetime and would not be bothered by the wet and thundery weather we are about to experience for, at least, the next three days, if not longer.  In short today’s weather is not so bella!




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