Salisbury MD

May 14/Monday Begins With Thunder

differenceThe old saying on Delmarva says that if you don’t like the weather you can just wait a day.  Saturday was sunny and toasty, Sunday was wet and cool, and today will be mostly cloudy and warm.  If you can wait a few days you’ll be provided with more thunderstorms.  What a difference a day makes!

A line of thunderstorms roared through the Salisbury area early this morning bringing heavy downpours and frequent lightning.  My station recorded 2.13 inches of rain. That represents the largest daily rainfall thus far in 2018.  Look at other readings from the area this morning in this graphic.  It looks as though the area south of Pittsville received the most rain.

rain gauge

Today will be warmer than yesterday with mixed clouds and a little peek of sunshine here and there.  The week as a whole appears to be a soggy one.




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