Salisbury MD

May 1/May We Have Spring? Or Is It Straight to Summer?

city parkThe exact publishing date of this post card showing the Salisbury City Park, found non-copyrighted in the public domain, is unknown.  It does illustrate, however, that it was a community gathering place for swimming and leisure that was quite popular in the spring and summer.

Today will be a great day on Delmarva with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 70’s.  I suppose many folks will be enjoying the park.


Big changes are ahead.  Today will be nice.  Tomorrow will be warm and Thursday will be hot!  There’s not a drop of rain in sight.

This is a good time to take a look at the first four months of our roller coaster 2018.  Notice in the table below how every month this year, with the exception of February, had below normal temperatures.  February was nearly 8 degrees above normal…not something we often see.  The amazing part is that, despite February’s record breaking warmth, the year as a whole is running close to .5 degrees below normal.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens during May and June.




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