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Apr 5/Restoring Calm After a Storm

boston“Wait a minute, wait a minute now WAIT!” Brown said. “Step down, now, be a gentleman….Now I asked the police to step back, because I think I can get some respect from my own people.”—James Brown, Apri 5, 1968

Black concert goers storming the stage were being held back by white police officers when Brown stepped in.  Order was restored!

Many people are unaware that James Brown gave up $60,000 of his performance fee so that his live concert at the Boston Garden could be televised, keeping people off the streets and avoiding a second consecutive night of violence following the assassination of Martin Luther King.



Tomorrow sees much warmer temperatures with windy conditions.  Saturday is a different story.  A cold rain will transition into a heavy wet snow in the late afternoon or evening.  The fact that this is happening in April will make it difficult for snow to accumulate on anything other than grass.  The big danger is that we expect to see a freeze Saturday night into Sunday morning.



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