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Apr 3/Will Weather Make You Roar With Joy or Gasp in Horror?

apesTwo blockbuster motion pictures opened on this date in 1968…both relating to space travel. “2001, A Space Odyssey” and “Planet of the Apes” are still considered to be classic movies.

Trivia of Interest: Charlton Heston’s human mute love interest, Nova, in “Planet of the Apes” was played by Linda Harrison from Berlin, Maryland. She was married to famous Hollywood producer Richard Zanuck at the time.

The high temperature recorded in Salisbury on today’s date 50 years ago was 58 degrees under partly cloudy skies. I didn’t really remember. I looked it up.

I do, however, vividly remember hearing Charlton Heston break his silence by screaming, “Take your hands off me, you damn dirty ape!” The sold out Boulevard Theatre movie crowd roared!  An hour later, when Heston came face to face with the remains of the Statue of Liberty the crowd gasped in disbelief!

Little did any of us know about the real life horror that would arrive within 24 hours.  I’ll share that tomorrow morning.

So, when it comes to today’s weather, will you roar with approval or offer up a horrible gasp?



Weekend Alert!  This is still a bit early to confirm as a certainty, but be on the lookout for a potential April snowfall on Saturday into Sunday.  Cold air from the north will clash with moisture from the south.  Salisbury should be on the border line.   I’ll keep you posted with updates on the situation as the weekend approaches.


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