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Apr 1/Say It Ain’t Snow!

april fool
It ain’t snow!  There, I said it.  I mean it, too.  I never fool around when it comes to the weather.  I know what today is and that many of you think I’m fooling around, but really I’m not!  I hope you’re convinced.  I would never play you for a fool! Or, would I?

Folks to our north will actually receive snow overnight. We will not. We’ll just get our first dose of April showers.

The cruel month of March has ended on Delmarva.  The temperatures for the month averaged over 4 degrees cooler than normal despite the fact that we ended the month with four days considerably above normal.

If someone told you that March of this year would average out 4.8 degrees cooler than February you would think they were joking, but it is no joke at all.

I wonder what April has in store for us.  Hopefully, we’ll get our spring! There are, however, some weather models that suggest we could still see more snow perhaps next weekend. I’m not joking about that possibility either!

Here is a look at the coming work week weather.


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