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Mar 22/The Good, The Bad, & The Yummy!

Here is a quick review of my last post. It did snow. It didn’t snow as much as I thought it would. The tacos were delicious!

The Good:  Overall, I was pleased that I was able to foresee our first full day of spring snowfall as far back as March 13.  I enjoyed following its progression and fine tuning my forecasts as the event got closer.  Kids and teachers got some time off from school!  Wicomico County schools are delayed 2 hours.

The Bad:  I underestimated the amount of snow that would stick.  I have a tad over an inch in my backyard.  I believe that is because I did not foresee the cold air wrapping in as late as it did, nor did we receive the period of heavy snow after dark that I expected.  The lesson learned, of course, is that “Mother Nature” is in complete control and can get the last laugh whenever she wants!  I’ll work on getting the best of her, next time.  I’ll approach it like she just won the first game of a seven game series!

The Yummy:  When my wife and I were newly married we Just happened to have tacos for dinner one evening during a beautiful snow storm.  It has become our tradition to eat tacos during the snow.  Don’t laugh.  I bet you have some strange traditions, too!  We are so true to this tradition that if we had a surprise snowstorm tonight, we’d have tacos again!  True love!  Note that I go heavy on the salsa!


Non weather related taco advice:  Put sour cream on the bottom of the shells, top with meat, and cheese. Place in microwave for 45 seconds if you do 4 at a time like me. Then top with lettuce, onions, and salsa!

Today’s weather is less exciting.  Clouds will give way to sunshine and snow is gone by afternoon.



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