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Mar 21/Is This Your Ideal First Full Day of Spring?

deal with it
Today’s weather on the first full day of spring certainly can’t make everybody happy!  I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if this is one time where everyone agrees with President Trump!  We’ll certainly deal with it!

Delmarva remains under a Winter Storm Warning!
While the National Weather Service has lowered their projected snowfall totals by a little bit I still expect residents of Wicomico County to average close to 4 inches of snowfall.  Areas of the county close to Sharptown may see as much as 6 inches of snow while people on the east side could see as little as an inch or two.

The Salisbury area is likely to see precipitation become all snow sometime this morning.  Afternoon snow should be heavy at times.  Roads should remain just wet, I think, until the snowfall becomes heavy.  That will probably be close to sunset or after.  Thursday morning, with temperatures just below freezing, may not be a safe time to drive.

There are two issues about which to be concerned.  One issue is the high wind gusts that we are likely to see this afternoon.  Coupled with a heavy wet snow it could make for hazardous driving conditions.

The biggest issue is a bit speculative right now, but worth keeping an eye on.  There is a strong possibility that the low pressure storm system may sit off shore in a stationary position around 5 PM  or so.  Ir that materializes then Salisbury may find itself under bands of heavy snow that train through the area into the evening hours.


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