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Mar 20/Blame it on a Teacher!

bad grade
I am casting blame for my weather “nerdness” on my second grade teacher, Mrs. Beale!

I honor Carrie Beale (1890 – 1986) today as my first great teacher!

Mrs. Beale kept a large monthly calendar on an easel at the front of the classroom  at Prince Street School. She started each day by choosing one student to go to the easel and draw a picture of what the day’s weather looked like.

On the day I was called to be the class “weatherman” I distinctly remember drawing a snowman.  Immediately after I drew my picture Mrs. Beale began to explain to the class how it was so unusual for us to have snow on this day.  It was the first day of spring, March 20, 1958.…a thursday as I recall!

snowman Today, 60 years later, Salisbury finds itself on the eve of a spring snow!  What astonishes me even more is that I am now the age of Mrs. Beale when she taught me.  Do you think she ever wondered whether one of her students would remember her 60 years later?

If you’re a teacher, despite the tough times and all of the hard work, you are some kid’s Mrs. Beale!

Snow Details:  The rain we are receiving today will, after a bit of a lull, transition to snow by late morning on Wednesday.  The snow should last all day into the evening, resulting in substantial March accumulations.  Windy conditions persist throughout the storm.  Happy Spring!

The Winter Storm Watch that was issued yesterday afternoon for the Salisbury area remains in effect.  What I find interesting is that a Winter Storm Warning has been issued just across the state line into Delaware.  That suggests that the farther north one travels the more substantial the snowfall should be.  This morning I am sticking to an estimate of about 4 inches of snow in the Salisbury area, with more to the west and north, and less to the east and south.

It is rare for March snow to pile up, however there are indications that it could fall heavily at rates of 1 to 3 inches per hour in spots.  It cannot melt fast enough at that rate.

I will update my outlook this afternoon and include a map that shows projected snowfall totals.  Remember, the snow is still at least 24 hours away.  We will see lots of rain today.

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  1. It’s your sister. Love your blog. I had MRS BEALE in the second grade and yes she was my favorite. I remember one time she told everyone they could go out for recess except Maureen. I just knew I was in trouble. But to my surprise she had me place a cupcake and napkin on everyones desk. I was so relieved and felt special. Have remembered that special moment all my life. I’m sure she had no idea what an impact she made.

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