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Mar 16/Winter’s Last Weekend

last saturday
There are smiles all around only because the weekend is nearly here.  We hope that spring arrives on time. That would put a smile on our faces even though mowing the lawn may not.

The below average March weather, where the thermometer has yer to reach 60 degrees,  continues on this last weekend of winter.  Here is what you can expect today.
Based on my conversations with folks this week you really don’t care about today. Nor do you even care that there may be some rain on Saturday. All you really care about is whether or not there will be one last winter storm next week!

A few days ago I indicated the possibility of a winter storm at the outset of spring next week.  Since then, that has been the subject of most weather conversations that I have had with people.

Five days away from a possible winter event is not a time period conducive to a confident prediction, but here is my uneducated, but somewhat informed guess!

  • Tuesday will probably offer up a chilly rain
  • Wednesday will probably have showers mixed with snow during the day
  • Wednesday night is the time period where we could get a period of snow

The only thing that I am pretty confident about right now is that, indeed, a 4th nor’easter in the past few weeks will be forming off of our coast.  There will be lots of precipitation and windy conditions.  The type of precipitation that we experience depends upon the time that the precipitation clashes with the cold air.  People to our north and west may well get buried in snow.  I’ll make sure to fine tune my guess over the next few days.  We should all have a good take on this event by the beginning of next week.


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