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Mar 11/Wacky & Weird Winter Weather

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Question: What is the difference between climate and weather?
Answer: Climate is what you expect. Weather is what you get!

We’ve been getting our fair share of “weather” and a distorted view of our climate. We’re not getting anything that we typically expect. Today is the 11th day of March and we’ve yet to see 60 degrees.  It looks like that streak could continue at least until St Patrick’s Day on the 17th.  That’s quite remarkable!

Here is another astounding statistic.  We haven’t surpassed 55 degrees in March of 2018, yet 16 of the 28 days in February recorded high temperatures of 55 degrees or above.  In fact, the average high temperature in February in Salisbury was 55.8 degrees.

So, you may be wondering what lies ahead.

In the short term it appears as though our chances of an accumulating snow are approaching zero. Will we see snow? Sure. Will it cause me to horde bread and milk? No!

monday night

The Week Ahead:  Winds will kick up again on Tuesday.  Below normal temperatures persist throughout the week, with Wednesday struggling to hit 40 degrees.  Average springtime temperatures should return over the weekend.

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