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Mar 9/Use Hairspray Today!

trump hair
It’s gonna be one of those days! We will see clouds and sun with temperatures again in the mid 40’s.  It continues to be windy.


The big question right now is whether or not the weekend holds some big surprise!  As of this morning it looks as though Sunday night into Monday will be mostly a rain event with snow mixing in during Monday’s rush hour.  Depending upon the timing we could see at most an inch of wet snow under this scenario.

Things could change.  With the storm developing directly off the coast we are at its mercy in terms of whether it continues out to sea or hugs the coast to the north.  The current thinking is that it heads out to sea and just brushes us.  If it heads up the coast, then look for bread and milk!  I think forecasters will have a pretty good take on this system within 24 hours.


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