Salisbury MD

Mar 6/Weatherman at the Alamo

On this date in 1836 the Mexican Army scaled the walls of the Alamo to defeat the Texas Army.  The wall didn’t keep them out!  Six weeks later the Texas Army prevailed at San Jacinto.

Colonel Juan Almonte of the Texas Army was actually keeping a daily weather journal at the Alamo.  Conditions that he recorded would be familiar to residents of south Texas today.

“Wednesday [March] 2d—Commenced clear and pleasant thermometer 34—no wind….

“Thursday 3d—Commenced clear, at 40 without wind….

“Friday 4th—The day commenced windy, but not cold—thermometer 42.

“Saturday, March 5th—The day commenced very moderate—thermometer 50—weather clear…. At mid-day the thermometer rose to 68.”

Almonte recorded that the final attack on the Alamo began at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 6. He left no record of the weather on that fateful day. I guess he had more important things to do… like fight for his life! His journal was found after the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21.

I don’t expect that you’ll have to fend off an attack in Salisbury today.  Temperatures should rise to the upper 40’s under increasingly cloudy skies with rain arriving by late afternoon.  If you have a wall in your backyard it is likely to be overwhelmed by overnight rain.  I don’t think you can keep it out!

Rain will last into Wednesday for most of the day.  Sunshine returns on Thursday.


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