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Mar 3/We Talk Weather!

bellAlexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland on this date in 1847. He is credited with the invention of the first telephone.

Question:  If the telephone is considered to be the world’s greatest invention then what is the world’s worst invention?

Answer:  The 2nd telephone!

2 phones

Think about that!  Phones have changed our lives and have evolved into tiny handheld devices that enable us do so many things other than actually talking to each other.

Did you know that Mr. Bell considered the telephone to be such an intrusion on his work that he refused to have one in his office?

If you put your phone down for a bit on this Saturday you might notice that it is still pretty blustery and chilly on Delmarva.  Mostly cloudy skies and blustery conditions with highs in the upper 40’s are in store today.
Sunday will see mixed clouds and sun with highs near 50.  Expect gusty winds.


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