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Feb 25/If Not “Here Comes the Sun”, then “Something” Else

George Harrison of the Beatles would have been 75 years old today! I remember when he and the other three mop tops stormed America to appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964.  It seems like everything in America began to change shortly thereafter.

Sunshine is unlikely today so we’ll have to settle for something else…like more clouds but unseasonably warm temperatures near 70 degrees.  Let it be!!!

Spoiler Alert:  If you’re really young you probably didn’t see what I did there.  George helped write the classic Beatles hits; “Hear Comes the Sun”, “Something”, and “Let it Be”.

Mild temperatures will persist overnight.  Cloudy skies and cooler temperatures are on hand for Monday with highs back in the upper 50’s.

here comes the sunThe Week Ahead:  The middle of this coming week looks to be a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures hovering near 60.  The mild end to February leads to March coming in like a lamb with comfortable temperatures and the possible return of rain showers.

The Long Term Outlook:  It has been so mild that it looks like we’ll end February with 9 consecutive days that never saw temperatures dip below 32 degrees.  It is hard to believe that we will probably not see freezing again until a few days into March.  Will there be a March surprise?  There usually is, but right now I wouldn’t bet the bank on it.


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  1. Live reading your daily weather reports!! Thanks for brightening up my days even when they aren’t so bright.

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